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Hey y’all! A little about me. My name is Kyna. Most people don’t believe that so they ask… like kyna fine?… yes! Like China but with a K. Ok.  Disclaimer. I do not aspire to be politcallly or grammatically correct, I just want to get my thoughts out effectively and without feeling like I would be judged. For starters I’m of Nigerian heritage but from Washington DC. I grew up in the NW and NE quadrants of the city. I went to Norfolk State University for undergrad where I studied journalism. I first became interested in photography my sophomore year of college and from that point on it’s been taking all my schmoney. I won’t be saying my age just know I’m pushing 30 and grown. I’m an all around creative entrepreneur but my main focus is photography specifically portraits, editorial and documentary. I recently got my first studio so I’m pouring into building that up. I’m deciding to blog because I want to give people a little more of my insight on different topics and bring y’all into my o so mysterious world a bit. If you been here rocking with me I truly appreciate ya and if you are just joining in on my journey thank you for being here. 

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