Casting Call!

First Time Stories

Looking for girls interested in sharing their stories about their first time having sex for an upcoming zine. The story should be submitted in writing and can be anonymous. 

Are you body positive? Let's shoot!

Looking for girls who are comfortable in their skin and comfortable shooting tastefully nude for an upcoming zine. If you have a sister/friend to shoot with invite them also. 


Who do you love? I'm looking for couples comfortable showing their affection on camera for an upcoming zine.

Are you a part of an ethnicity that you love but has oppressed you?

Looking for people that would like to share their story about how their ethnicity has oppressed them. Also would need for you to be able to wear your ethnicity's cultural/traditional garment to shoot for a portrait story series. 

Nigerian siblings

Are you Nigerian and proud? And have a sibling or two? Looking for Nigerian siblings to shoot for portrait series. 


If you would like to be considered for any of these project(s) please fill out the form to your right. Make sure to include what project(s) you are interested in and your instagram handle in the message box.  If your page is private please email with a photo of yourself and any other person involved in the shoot. Thank you!

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